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 seqMINER is a genome wide mapping
 data interpretation platform. 

Nucleic Acids Research 2011;39(6).

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What's new

24 February 2012, 
Sorry for the recent server problems we have encounted. Some images could not be showed and files could not be downloaded. I've tried to fix the images and from now on you could get the new version in sourceforge as I mentioned below.

The version 1.3 (chipseq-rnaseq)has been wrote many months ago but I did not release it officially because I don't have much time in the project anymore and the interface should be improved. However, some bugs have been fixed in the new version and it looks like more stable than the previous releases. I decide to provide you this version although the interface is not perfect. More information could be found in this paragraph

03 February 2012, Please go to
to download the last version of seqMINER

28 January 2011, release of (933.50 Kb)
with little interface corrections on version 1.2

01 December 2010, The seqMINER paper was accepted in Nucleic Acids Research journal. (PMID 21177645)

25 October 2010, release of seqMINER 1.2 (945.11 Kb)

change log:
Two normalization methods are implemented which improves the quality of multi-datasets clustering.(KMeans linear and KMeans ranked)

Statistic panel
 to give the memory usage information. (menu - tools - statistic)

Minor interface change. (Some buttons of distribution panel were moved to the right clic popup menu. e.g. rename distribution, export data, visualization... )
Bug fix