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A beta release: seqMINER 1.3.3

This version provide the possibility to compare chip-seq datasets with RNA-seq datasets.

A third panel has been added to the main interface. Genome assembly should be selected before doing a RNA-seq analysis

Two enrichment based normalization methods are implemented to favor the Chip-seq & RNA-seq clustering.

The peak annotation will be done automatically after the clustering thanks to the genome assembly your have chosen in the previous step.

RNA-seq file format:

for this moment, only one expression value per gene is permitted. It could be the RPKM value


ENSG00000249218 90.6061135589

ENSG00000248706 43.0560530425

ENSG00000250297 34.3591725404

ENSG00000250554 85.4251798492

ENSG00000247886 91.1217081037

ENSG00000246332 51.2066720476

ENSG00000248732 12.9267045464