This is a example result of Clustering obtained by using Refseq mouse gene TSS annotation as reference peaks (27k genes, this file could be downloaded here).

At left side, we have a general view of ChIP-seq dataset signal around the reference peak region (horizontal:±5kb from TSS by default, vertical: 27k mouse Refseq genes). They are already clustered in 10 categories by KMeans method. You will find a indicator bar in the middle which shows different clusters.
At right side, a list of clusters allows us to select one or more (by ctrl or shift key) clusters and look at the details in the supplementary information area below.

1. KMeans seed: a KMeans seed is randomly generated each time before the clustering, if you'd like to get the same clustering result as before, you'd better to keep this value and rerun the same dataset with it. It could be set in Option — Run KMeans with a given seed.
2. Contrast slidebar: the contrast slidebar has an interval from 10 to 50. if you want another value or you'd like to go to a specific value directly, you can input it in the text field above and confirm with a return key.