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seqMINER is platform independent and do not require any installation prior usage:

  • Dowload the last version of seqMINER

  • Unzip it

  • If you are under linux, unix or mac OSX, command: java -Xmx1500m -jar seqMINER.jar

  • If you are under windows, double click on the seqMINER.bat file

  • You need Java 6 Runtime Environment (JRE6) to be installed on your machine.


Depending on the quantity of data you want to analyze and your computer configuration, you may have to increase or decrease the maximum RAM memory you attribute to Java virtual machine (with option -Xmx).

  • If you have a 32 bit operation system, the maximum available memory for Java will be around 1.5GB, so the parameter by default is -Xmx1500m. As to a 64 bit system you have almost no limitation for memory usage, you can even set a value higher than the physical memory.
  • When you see this information in the console,
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.
That means you have exceeded the maximum memory limitation, please reduce it until it works.

  • If you are under windows, open the seqMINER.bat file in a text editor and modify the value in red : java -Xmx1500m -jar seqMINER.jar
  • Normally for 1500 MB memory, you can load 4, 5 datasets of 10 million reads simultaneously, if you want to do a clustering for more dataset, try to load them separately.